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We are trained to repair the following paint issues:
Overspray, Cement on Paint, Road Paint, Keyed Paint, Swirl marks, Fine Scratches, Scuffs, Dull Headlights , Deep scratches, Fading Paint, Orange Peel , Etching, Urethane Wave, Dust in Clearcoat, Clearcoat Sink, Spider scratches, Holograms, Bad Buff Jobs, Buffer Trails, Dry Paint, Paint Stains, Sanding Scratches, Vandalism, Tree Sap, Wear & Tear, and more.

​​​Trained, educated, certified, and experienced at the dealership, detailing facility, and body shop level in automotive paint correction, paint refinishing, and scratch repair. What makes Toronto Buffing different from the competition, is the fact that we only do exterior services. Rather than being a jack of all trades, we are masters of one.

Automotive Polishing

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We are trained to permanently remove your auto paint defects and imperfections, rather than cover them with hiders. You receive a personalized service in which at least a full day is spent. A single paint expert handles your vehicle from start to finish. Only the best products are used (3M, Sonax, Menzerna). Satisfaction Guaranteed & Lifetime Warranty on All Repairs! Fully insured for your peace of mind! 5-Star Rated Service!

Single Stage Polish: Starting from $249.99*

Scratch Removal: Starting from $49.99*

Headlight Restoration: Starting from $34.99*
Stone Chip Repair:Starting from $49.99*

Nano Coating: Starting from $149.99*

Our Most Popular Automotive Services:

Corporate and quantity rates available. 
Our staff is equipped to handle high volume paint correction, and large jobs.

We are fully insured!

toronto buffing about us

We at Toronto Buffing Inc. specialize in permanently restoring your vehicle's paint to better than new condition via the process of buffing and polishing. We are the original and only company in Toronto specializing exclusively in automotive exterior detailing.

Whether it be scratch repair, swirl removal, stone chip, touch ups, headlight refinishing, texture removal, polishing, claybar treatment, waxing, ceramic coatings, and other paint correction related tasks, Toronto Buffing Inc. has you covered.

With 8 years experience in paint correction specifically, we have dealt with every paint issue imaginable and understand what it takes to deliver desired results.  We are geared toward building long lasting relationships with our clients, as well as providing the highest quality paint refinishing services. Our company survives on referrals. That is why satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Complete Watersand Package: Starting from $1999.99
Showroom Correction: Starting from $799.99*

Complete 3-Stage Paint Correction:  Starting from $549.99*
2-Stage Paint Correction: Starting from $349.99*

Scratch Repair

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Toronto Buffing Inc: Buffing Polishing & Paint Correction Services for the GTA

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Servicing the GTA for over 7 years. Countless satisfied customers in the GTA including Vaughan Woodbridge Thornhill Richmond Hill Maple Etobicoke Mississauga Scarborough Brampton East York and North York. Photos of actual customer vehicles, taken with consent from their respective owners

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