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With our time tried and true approach, we are able to get up to 90 percent improvement on most stone chips. On straight colour chips, we are often able to get a perfect job. With that being said, some tolerance must be allowed in terms of colour match, as this is something simply out of our control.

The only alternative to the chip repair process is to fully repaint the damaged panel. While this may be the best solution for those with countless stonechips, it usually does not make sense for isolated defects.

*Disclaimer* This is not a DIY guide. This is a basic outline of our chip repair process. We are not responsible for any readers attempt resulting in damage*.

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Toronto Buffing offers very different services from the run of the mil detailing shop. One aspect of our service is our chip repair. It is not a simple apply and walk away tactic, as is the case with many of our competitors. Here is a summary of the process used during this process.

First, the chip is prepped. For new chips, this may require simple cleaning. For chips that have not been addressed for some time, this may include isolated rust removal. If the chip has formed corrosion, we will use a combination of rust converter, as well as a scuff tool, to thoroughly remove the rust. This ensures a long lasting repair, and ensures that the chip does not bubble in the future. As an added precaution, the area is always wiped with a panel prep solution.

Next, we proceed to apply the basecoat. Depending on the chip, we may decide to use a special touch up tool, or the original touch up paint applicator. With a decade of experience doing these kinds of repairs, regardless of tool, we can achieve an acceptable level of repair. We apply basecoat in layers of 2-3. More layers may be required for deeper chips.

Following the basecoat stage, we may need to do some light sanding in order to get the surface flush. This step is critical in order to ensure the chip repair does not look obvious.

After the base is leveled, we proceed to apply the clearcoat. Clearcoat is crucial in ensuring that the touch up does not discolour over time. Clearcoat is much stronger and resilient compared to basecoat. 1-2 coats of clear are applied.

In the final step after the clearcoat is applied, we use a combination of sanding and polishing to ensure the touch up is flush.

A few things must be understood for touch up repairs. Certain colours will never match perfectly. This is especially true for metallic colours, and pearl white paints. Any credible automotive company will tell you it is impossible to match pearl white paint with touch up; even if you have the paint from dealership. This is because pearl white paint is a 3 stage paint system, where as the touch up paint you receive from the dealer comes in a 2 stage format (basecoat+clearcoat). It is also near impossible to lay a metallic paint touch up, the same way a spray gun does from factory. Though we can get close, perfection is not possible.

There are two main functions of a touch up repair. The main one is to prevent or stop corrosion from forming. Acting on new stone chips can prevent your vehicle from eventually rotting out, and subsequently depreciating. The second and obvious function of a touch up is to improve aesthetics.

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