Ceramic coating services

Protect your perfected paint with the best coatings on the market. Increadibly hydrophobic, they assist with preventing swirl marks and scratches, as well as combat the harshness of the environment. Protection ranging from 2 years to 25 years (Lifetime).


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Headlight Restoration

Give your vehicle a facelift with our Headlight Restoration Package. Starting at only $34.99, we use various techniques to permanently remove haze, fog, and general dullness from the exterior of your vehicle. All headlight repairs are warrantied for 1 year, and are sealed in after the repair process.

The photo to the right is a before shot of a badly swirled trunk lid on a newer Acura ILX. This surface has been washed, clayed, and prepared for paint polishing. All badges and logos were masked. This damage was a result of improper polishing by another shop, as well as swirls from poor car washes.

ShowROOM detailing

Looking for the ultimate depth and clairity? Then our showroom correction package is for you. Process includes thorough decontamination and rigorous multistage paint machining. The result is a finish that is virtually defect-free,protected, as well as enhanced in terms of paint depth, clarity and reflectivity. Time frame 8-48 hours of labour.


3-Stage Cut and Polish

Time tried and true process of removing clear coat defects in automotive paint. Involves 3 different stages of paint machining: heavy cut ,  medium cut polish, and fine polish. Results in up to 95% defect removal.

Serving the GTA for 8+ years. Many of satisfied customers in the GTA including Vaughan Markham Woodbridge Thornhill Richmond Hill Maple Etobicoke Mississauga Scarborough Brampton East York and North York. Photos of actual customer vehicles, taken with consent from their respective owners.

Swirl Marks?

Lease Return?

Keyed Paint?

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Wear and tear?

Protecting your investment?

Let us be the only detailing service you will ever need. Contact us today.

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The photo to the left is the same vehicle, from the same angle, after a very heavy paint correction process. All defects have been permanently removed without a trace through our showroom process. Note the variety of halogen and fluorescent lighting used in our facility. Also, the final product was sealed in with a premium Ceramic Coating.

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Did you know all paint correction services done by Toronto Buffing Inc. are inspected in both natural and artificial lighting to ensure the highest quality result? Lighting is a key element in ensuring the best quality exterior detailing. We utilize a variety of fixed and portable lighting to carry out our work.

We provide full spectrum buffing and polishing and are trained to take care of all types of paint issues including but not limited to:Overspray, Cement on Paint, Road Paint, Keyed Paint, Swirl marks, Fine Scratches, Scuffs, Dull Headlights , Deep scratches, Fading Paint, Orange Peel , Etching, Urethane Wave, Dust in Clearcoat, Clearcoat Sink, Spider scratches, Holograms, Bad Buff Jobs,Buffer Trails, Dry Paint, Paint Stains, Sanding Scratches, Vandalism, Tree Sap, Wear & Tear, and more

Paintless Scratch removal

Permanently remove scratches and scuffs using a variety of effective techniques. Same day repairs starting at only $49.99!


Restore and refine your paints condition, luster and shine with a complete paint correction. ​Genuine, permanent results with no fillers.

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