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​​​​A Brief History

Toronto Buffing Inc. started off as a part time, mobile operation in the summer of 2009. From driveway to driveway, we served our small client base. During the time period of 2009-2015, we worked simultaniously for many different business. We worked for high end exotic dealerships, as well as low end dealerships doing exterior paint corrections. We also worked at different bodyshops, doing heavy wantersanding, denibbing, and other buffing tasks. This is how we achieved a well rounded skillset, as we learned and mastered both the autobody level, and showroom level of paint correction. As the years went on, and our reputation began to grow, we decided to go into business full time. We began investing more into tools and product, and immersed ourselves in all things detailing related. Eventually, business demand grew to a level where we had to secure a fixed location. In 2015 we opened up shop in Vaughan, Ontario, and have been here ever since. We have thousands of jobs under our belt, and we look forward to pushing the envelope and continuing to provide the best paint correction and ceramic coating services available in the market.

More Than Just Paint Correction

All of our employees are free from any criminal background, and are fully bondable. In addition, all employees have a flawless drivers abstract. We at Toronto Buffing Inc. understand that trust is a major deciding factor in choosing your repair facility, and is why we hold ourselves to the highest standards. This information can be supplied to our corporate clients prior to engaging in the business relationship. We understand that you are leaving your prized possession with us, so trust must be established.

We are geared towards long term growth, rather than short term gain. What this means for you as a client, is that we will always do the best job possible the first time. Our goal is to exceed your expectations. We attempt to gain you as a client for a lifetime. We aim to make you, the customer, to be proud to refer us to anyone looking for high quality paint refinishing.

Ethical standards are a part of everyday transactions at Toronto Buffing Inc. As people who have themselves been taken advantage of in the automotive industry, we strive to never do the same to our customers. With us, you get a truly honest, professional experience. We always ensure that reasonable expectations are made, and we never over promise. You get what you pay for with us. Service without compromise.

These are things that are very difficult to come by in this business. We are detailers with integrity, and have come to understand that people respect the truth more than anything.

Understanding The Paint Correction and Detailing Industry

In this industry, detailing shops are a dime a dozen. Unfortunately, the business is riddled with people with little to no experience "learning" on your vehicle. This can be confirmed with a simple job search of detailing shops looking to hire employees for paint correction with little to no experience, yet offer “professional paint correction services”. You hypothetically, take your vehicle to these facilities, and they go behind closed doors in which you have no true idea what process is being taken on your car, or who is working on your vehicle. Most of these companies employ people are base wages, and use "dummy proof" methods of paint correction. These processes are not efficient, and often take off an uneven amount of material, and even sometimes causing damage. At Toronto Buffing Inc. no secrets with regards to whom is working on your vehicle, products being used, or level of repair. After the paint correction process is complete, we show the customer the vehicle with the bare, unwaxed, “naked” paint surface. After this process, we proceed to enhance and protect the paint with either a paint, sealant, or ceramic nano coating.

We at Toronto Buffing Inc. carry most high end ceramic coatings,and therefore are able to offer the best solution to the customer, free from bias. We are a Cermaic Pro certified shop. We understand that not everyone can justify installing such a high end coating on their vehicle, and thus have many different options to choose from. We do this to ensure that we can cater to everyone's needs and budget.

In the world of detailing, there are many claiming professional “certified” services. Our technicians however have been certified at the auto body level , as well as the detailing facility level of every level of paint correction. We are a Ceramic Pro certified business. Our diverse portfolio of clientele ranges from multi-million-dollar conglomerates, to the average Torontonian simply looking for the best refinishing money can buy.

Our reputation means everything.

Along our years in business, we have come in partnership with complementary businesses. We at Toronto Buffing Inc. specialize directly in paint correction and ceramic coatings. We have partnership in major body shops, and interior detailing shops that hold themselves to the same level of integrity as our company. If you are looking for body shop level repairs, or interior cleaning services, we can take care of you!

We may not have a fancy website, but we make up for it by providing some of the best exterior auto detailing in the Toronto Area!

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Fully insured for your peace of mind. We only offer high end services. We do not cut corners. We would rather turn down a client than compromise the quality of our work. Our company makes it very clear, that you are paying for the job done right. It is unfortunate truth that it is more difficult to fix a third party's work compared to performing the correct process the first time.

Toronto Buffing Inc.

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Toronto Buffing Inc: Buffing, Polishing & Paint Correction Experts


New high quality microfibers are used on all client cars. New polishing pads are used to ensure a flawless result.  No bulk low quality products are used. We use the following brands: 3M, Menzerna, Sonax, and Ceramic Pro. All of our products contain zero fillers or hiders resulting in a permanent correction. We use the latest equipment and methods for top results.


Prestigious Service


​​All technicians have a minimum of 8 years experience in buffing and polishing specifically.

Feel free to inquire about our technicians credentials!

Call today and get the job done right the first time!

Personalized Service

Experienced and Trained

Your car, truck, or SUV will receive a personalized detailing service, in which a minimum of 1 full day is spent on your vehicle (3-Stage Package and Showroom Package). Experts in the industry will explain that a proper paint correction will take several days depending on vehicle size and condition. Competing shops attempt to do a high volume of vehicles at a subpar level of quality. We take the quality over quantity approach. One technician handles your vehicle from start to finish at Toronto Buffing Inc.

We use the latest in machine polishers and lighting to ensure proper results. We utilize the Rupes polishing system. Proper lighting is used to inspect panels, and we measure paint thickness to ensure a problem free procedure.

We are trained to actually remove imperfections, not cover them up with wax or fillers like many detailing shops do. We have the correct lighting equipment to assess and remove paint defects. Only the best products are used. Our technicians are passionate about their craft, and have thorough experience and professional training in auto polishing and buffing at both the dealership and auto body level.

Certain paint damage is no reversible by buffing and polishing, and can only be repaired by repainting. . If your paint damage is beyond the scope, you will be notified of your options. We strive on delivering the best service to our customers. We rely on referrals, so your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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