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Toronto Buffing Inc.

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Why choose Toronto Buffing?

Personalized Service

We are trained, and experienced in automotive paint buffing and polishing. One paint technician handles each individual stage of your paint correction.  Rather than attempting to be a“jack of all trade”, we would rather be “master of one”. We strictly offer services related to automotive paint. This enables us to focus all of our resources toward your vehicle's paint.

Highly Skilled

Our paint technicians have a minimum of 7 years experience in automotive paint correction. In addition our technicians have both experience at the auto body level, as well as the showroom level of buffing and polishing. This allows us to properly identify and resolve a wider variety of paint correction issues than competitors.

Finest Detailing Compounds

We at Toronto Buffing do not use cheaper “bulk” products. Only the best products are used such as 3M, Menzerna, and Ceramic Pro. All products we use contain ZERO fillers. Using top branded products quality product results in a higher quality paint correction. Cheaper products contain a lot of “fillers” which are essentially silicons / waxes that give the illusion of a professional paint correction, without addressing the actual paint defects. It simply hides the defects, until a few washes reveal the true nature of the paint. We at Toronto Buffing feel that it is not ethical to use bulk products for this reason. At Toronto Buffing, you pay for a permanent paint correction.

Best Auto Detailing Equipment

At Toronto Buffing we use the latest equipment available on the market. We use a variety of machines including rotary, dual action, and random orbital machines. We employ the use of the Rupes Polishing System, as well as the 3M polishing system. Each unique vehicle requires different combination of machines, as certain paint systems work better with certain movement types.

Satisfaction Guaranteed... of course!

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Toronto Buffing Inc: Buffing Polishing & Paint Correction Services


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Protecting your investment?

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