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Features VS Benefits: How can our services benefit you?

We at Toronto Buffing Inc. Offer more than your generic car detailing. We specialize in true paint restoration. Working with the original material on your vehicle, we use a variety of techniques to drastically improve the condition of your paint. For you as the consumer, these can translate into many benefits, the main one being money.

Our 3-stage cut and polish service is one of our most popular packages. It brings your vehicles exterior painted panels to their maximum potential. Most experience a ninety percent improvement in overall condition. This service is guaranteed to improve the resale value of your vehicle. An important aspect people look at when purchasing a vehicle is “Pride of Ownership”. Pride of ownership essentially means that the vehicle looks like it was well cared for, and not abused and neglected. To a potential buyer, if the exterior of a vehicle has been well kept, the same can be generally assumed for the other aspects of the vehicle.

Due to many financial benefits for those who are self employed, many choose to go the route of leasing a vehicle. Those financial benefits are sometimes offset at the time of the lease return , where usually a third party lease return company inspects the vehicle for any damages. During this process, they take into account paint issues such as scratches, paint chips, aftermarket painted panels, and generally what they describe as “excess wear”. These are all issues that we deal with on a daily basis, and that we can repair at a fraction of their assessment. In a recent example, a client with a Mazda 3 was quoted roughly seventeen hundred dollars in order to remove excess orange peel texture on aftermarket painted panels. We were able to repair these panels at a third of their original quotation with some water sanding and polishing (likely the same process that would have been done by the lease return company). Days later we received a pleasant message from our customer letting us know that her can passed the lease return.

Another benefit for those who are self employed is the fact that you are able to write off most of our exterior detailing services, as a vehicle expense. This can translate into keeping more money in your pocket when tax time comes around. The actual percentile that you can deduct should be discussed with an accountant.

Another popular service we offer is our scratch repair service. In this, we use a variety of auto body techniques to remove scratches without repainted the entire panel. Average cost for a body shop repair for a panel repaint is $500, via third party. If you go to dealership, it's not uncommon to pay triple the price. It should be noted that if your panel is severely dented, you will have to go the route of an auto body shop, as we do not repair dents. Scratch repairs with Toronto Buffing Inc start at just fifty dollars. Our process saves your original painted panel, not subjecting you the depreciation of a repainted panel on your vehicle. And of course, it saves hundreds of dollars in your pocket.

Chip repairs are yet another one of our popular services. Unfortunately, it is near impossible to avoid a stone chip driving in Toronto. We estimate roughly 95 percent of our customers have stone chips on any given panel of their vehicle. Many auto body shops will stress that the only way to fix a stone chip is by repainting an entire panel. Again, there is a guaranteed expense of several hundred dollars. Our stone chip repairs start at only fifty dollars. Another benefit to this particular service is protecting your vehicle from corrosion. A tiny stone chip can turn into rust over time. When rust gets to a certain extent, we are unable to repair it, and you are forced to go to an auto body shop. By taking a proactive approach, you are able to stop the deterioration of your vehicle.

In addition, our paint protection packages are something that can benefit customers in many ways. In even our basic paint protection, we are adding a thin chemical layer of protection on your vehicle exterior. This protection can range from 30 day protection, to 5 year permanent coatings. Customer needs and budget come into account when selecting the adequate package. Our most popular paint protection is our one year sealant package. This package provides acrylic based protection on your paint that has great resistance to UV damage, water spots, pollution and contamination, road dirt and grime including salt, bird droppings, bugs, and more. This package translates into easier maintenance, and piece of mind that your vehicle is protected from the issues stated prior.

Last but certainly not least, this the personal satisfaction one receives from having their vehicle looking great. Your vehicle is a reflection of who you are! Driving a car clean of defects feels great, as many of our customers describe. Our services can reduce the stress and that lingering feeling that your vehicle is not looking its best.

It is necessary in today's world to make smart financial decisions. Generally, our services are priced below our competition. We genuinely find pleasure in saving our clients money. We believe that you work hard for your money, and you should receive the best bang for your buck.

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