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What is Buffing? 

Buffing refers to the process of removal of thin layers of paint (or clear coat) from an (automotive) finish. Buffing is synonymus with compounding, cutting, and leveling. It is the first step of correction in our 3-Stage Cut & Polish service. Buffing differs from polishing, in the way that buffing is used to fix more heavy paint defects such as scratches, heavy swirl marks, etching, oxidization, and much more. By precisely removing thin layers of clear,we are able to bring a uniform defect free finish. The science of buffing is similiar to the process of cutting grass. The mechanisim that actually cuts the paint is a a variation of chemical leveling, diminishing abrasives, and pad type. Buffing must always be followed up by a fine polish in order to produce a hologram free result.

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1987 Buick Grand National

16 Hour 3-Stage Cut & Polish

This is one of our recent paint correction jobs. It required a heavy buffing in order to reduce orange peel and deep scratches that would not have been removed with polishing alone. We used a combination of wool and foam pads paired with agressive cutting compounds.