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About Our Ceramic Coating Packages:

2 Year Ceramic Protection:

Our 2 year ceramic protection consist of two applications of Opti Coat Gloss Coat. This semi-permanent ceramic coating provides your vehicle's paint with a sacrificial layer of protection or “clearcoat”. Once this polymer blended ceramic bonds with your paint, it will have many benefits such as increased resistance to: swirl marks, paint etching, harsh chemicals, and environmental factors. As the usual case with ceramic coatings, gloss and waterbeading are greatly improved. We are also able to apply this coating to all surfaces at the request of the customer. Application time may vary between 1-4 hours, before paint correction time.

3 Year Ceramic Protection

Our 3 year ceramic protection involves an application of Sonax CC36. This two part coating last up to 36 months; hence the name. It forms a flexible “shell” around your vehicles original paint, providing superior resistance against environmental factors, waterspots, bird droppings, car wash scratches and so much more. This coating is extremely hydrophobic, meaning it rejects water from bonding to the coating. Application time varies between 2-4 hours.

5 Year Ceramic Protection

Our 5 year ceramic protection is the longest lasting protection we at Toronto Buffing Inc offer. It involves two applications of a product known as Gtechniq Crystal Serum Lite. This coating is rated at the 9H level of hardness. This particular coating is argued one of the best ceramic coatings available to the public. When incorrectly applied, this coating can only be removed with aggressive polishing. This coating protects your paint from chemicals ranging from the pH Level 2- pH Level2. Benifits include swirl and scratch resistance, permanent gloss, dirt repelancy, and so much more. Application time for this coating is set at 3-5 hours.

Note with all of our ceramic packages, it is necessary to book a coating maintenance at least twice a year. During this service, we decontaminate your coating and retreat the surface to ensure longevity.

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