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Polishing can also be used to enhance already clean paints. We recently performed a single step polish on this customers Audi A7. It was recently professionally repsrayed by our friends at Premium Auto Collision.

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Polishing is used to address milder paint issues such as swirl marks, buffer swirls, or light scratches.Polishing is different from buffing, in the way that buffing is used for heavy defects. In addition to correcting paint,  polishing can be used to refine the gloss and enhance the look of an automotive paint. This step in paint correction is where experience shows, as it is the difference between a vehicle's paint being 90 percent corrected vs 99 percent corrected. Being able to deliver the last 10 percent of perfection is what separates our skilled paint correction services from others. 

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This image shows machine induced swirl marks on a front bumper of a Porsche Panamera. In order to remove these defects, the paint was first prepped with a claybar treatment, followed by a single step polish. This process effectively removed the swirl marks or "holograms" caused by a substandard buffing job.

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