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Buffing refers to the process of removal of thin layers of paint (or clear coat) from an (automotive) finish. Buffing is synonymous with compounding, cutting, and leveling. It is the first step of paint correction in our 3-Stage Cut & Polish service. Buffing differs from polishing, in the way that buffing is used to fix more heavy paint defects such as scratches, heavy swirl marks, etching, oxidization, and much more.

Polishing is used to address milder paint issues such as swirl marks, buffer swirls, or light scratches.  In addition to correcting paint,  polishing can be used to refine the gloss and enhance the look of an automotive paint. This step in paint correction is where experience shows, as it is the difference between a vehicle's paint being 90 percent corrected vs 99 percent corrected. Being able to deliver the last 10 percent of perfection is what separates our skilled paint correction services from others.

Paint Correction:

Paint correction is the process in its entirety of removing defects from an automotive finish. Paint correction can employ any variation or buffing, polishing, and watersanding. It is done with a combination of friction, heat, and chemical abrasion. Applying a sealant or ceramic coating is usually the final step in the paint correction procedure, but does not do anything to correct paint directly.

Ceramic Coatings:

Ceramic coatings are the best and latest technology in the detailing industry. They involve applying a measurable layer of ceramic material on a defect free automotive surface. Ceramic coatings must be applied after a paint correction. They are usually made of SiO2, a highly scratch resistant and chemical resistant material. When installed correctly, a ceramic coating can provide you with years of protection and beading!


Sealants essentially protect an automotive finish, usually after the paint correction process. They range from short term paste wax all the way to permanent, ceramic and nano coatings. Sealants protect your finish from the environment, and prevent defects such as oxidization, UV damage, bird etchings, and hard water spots. In addition to the paint protection benefits, sealants can enhance the look or appearance of an automotive finish.

It is a common misconception that “waxing” is the same as buffing, polishing, and paint correction in general. Waxing does nothing to treat actual defects. Waxing a vehicle simply fills in scratches on a temporary basis , and provides a slick finish. Buffing, polishing, as well as paint correction actually treat paint defects permanently. This is done by carefully removing thin layers of paint to bring your finish to a uniform result. The results of waxing will deteriorate over time with washes, while the results of paint correction, buffing, and polishing are permanent. For this reason, we at Toronto Buffing Inc. prefer to offer paint correction services, rather than wax services.

Scratch Removal:
We at Toronto Buffing Inc. offer true scratch removal services. Some scratches may be repaired with less aggressive polishing,while certain scratches will require heavy buffing, and wet sanding. Unfortunately, certain scratches are out of the scope of our services. For instances, if your scratch has a dent, or a large portion of paint missing, we may not be able to repair it. However, we offer touch up services for moderate scratches. With this service, we sand the surface, apply touch up, allow it to dry, then proceed to level the paint. With touch up repairs, it is impossible to achieve a 100 percent correction. However, with our proper techniques, we are able to achieve up to 90 percent perfection on these repairs.


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​This is a superimposed diagram of your vehicles paint, along with various defects. Your vehicles paint is (usually) made up of a metal body panel, primer, basecoat (color), and clear coat. Note that defects that are through the basecoat can not be polished out, but can be greatly improved by placing new material in the devet of the defect.

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