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Sealants essentially seal in an automotive finish, usually after the paint correction process. They range from short term paste wax all the way to permanent, ceramic and nano coatings. Sealants protect your finish from the environment, and prevent defects such as oxidization, UV damage, bird etchings, hard water spots, and even scratches. In addition to the paint protection benefits, sealants can enhance the look or appearance of an automotive finish.

The next best thing to ceramic coatings, would be our selection of hybrid nano sealants. One of our most popular sealants is our 1 year package. At a cost of $150, our customers find it the best bang for their buck.  This sealant has great hydrophobic behavior, anti-corrosive properties, and great chemical / UV resistance. In conjuction with a 3-Stage Cut & Polish, the results are very impressive, and can be observed on our Instagram page.


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Ceramic coatings are the latest in paint protection technology. They have properties that improve scratch resistance,gloss, and also carry the highest level of chemical resistance. Note not every vehicle is eligible for ceramic coatings. In order to apply any ceramic coating, we require the paint to have the potential for perfection, as we are sealing the paint in for a lifetime. This means vehicles with issues like isolated rust, major stone chips, body damage, deep scratches etc may not be eligible for this treatment.  Please note, that prior to applying ceramic, your vehicle must undergo a complete paint correction to remove all possible defects.

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