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Q: What is "Paint Correction"?

A: Paint correction is the process of skillfully removing defects from automotive finishes. It includes everything from removing swirl marks, to deep scratches. This is done with abrasives such as aluminium oxide, chemical solvents such as petroleum, or a combination of the two.

Q: How do I get a quote?

You can get a general idea of pricing from our pricing page on this website, or by emailing us photos to info@torontobuffing.com. The best way to get an accurate price is to come see us in person, on a nice sunny day. This way we can go over your vehicle, and make the best suggestions to best suit your needs.

Q: How long does the paint correction process take?

A: The paint correction process takes anywhere from 5-48 hours. This time frame depends on the level of paint correction being performed, age of paint, type of paint, vehicle size, geometry, level of defects and much more. The sacrifice of not having your vehicle for a few days will be worth it, we guarantee it! 

Q: How long do the results of paint correction last?

A: All results are permanent. Vehicles are rewashed after the paint correction process to ensure no bleedback or diminishing results. All products used have no fillers or hiders. You treat the finished product as a clean slate, or a fresh paint job.

Q: Do you offer other services such as automotive painting or interior detailing?

A: Toronto Buffing Inc. does not offer any other services directly. However we are partnered with several shops that are the best in their field. We can coordinate with other automotive professional services such as auto body repair,interior detailing, window tinting, and dent repair. We understand that convenience is very important to our customers, so just leave the running around to us!

Q: What products and machines are used?

A: We use industrial grade products. There is no standardized system (in our opinion) for all paint types. Some paints react better to certain buffing compounds and machines than others. We use a variation of Menzerna, 3M, Sonax, and Wolfgang polishing compounds. We use the latest machines on the market including brands such as Rupes, Flex, and Makita. This being said, all the finest products and machines mean nothing in the hands of someone that can not use them. We have mastered the flawless finish on every type of paint, and know exactly what combination of products and tools will be required to reach the desired result, as well as the limitations of paint correction.

Q: Do you offer mobile detailing service?

A: Yes we offer mobile services. 
We can travel anywhere within 100 km of the GTA. However certain jobs will require your vehicle to be in a controlled environment. For larger jobs, we will insist that the vehicle be brought to our location, simply because we do not want to rush the job, nor cut corners. With mobile jobs, we are limited to a single day. In addition, application of our coatings must be applied in a controlled zero dust, low humidity environment. We offer free shuttle & pick up for all jobs that fall into this group.

Q: What is included in the 3-Stage Package?

A: The following is included in the 3-Stage Package:

Paint Decontamination
Hand Wash & Clay Bar
Rims Detailed & Tires Dressed
3-Stages of Paint Machining
Paint Sealant
Headlight Polishing
Paint Touch Up

Click here to view detailed process.

Q: What is the difference between the Showroom Correction and a 3-Stage Correction:

A: The Showroom Refinish package goes steps further than the 3-Stage package, and attempts to chase perfection. It removes every possible defect. Note a showroom refinish is highly recommended before applying a ceramic coating!

Q: My car has been corrected by Toronto Buffing Inc.,now how to I maintain it?

A: This guide was created for our clients who wish to maintain their completed vehicle.

What you will need:
Two 5 Gallon Buckets
Two “Grit Guards”
High Thread Count Microfibre Clothes
Foam Cannon
High Quality Car Wash Soap
High Pressure Washer

1. First, you will need to rinse your vehicle thoroughly. Note vehicles should be washed in the shade, and all panels should be cool to the touch. If your vehicle's paint is hot, this will soften it, making it much more prone to scratching and swirl marks.

2. Next, you will need to “preclean” your vehicle. This is done by layering a blanket of soap foam on the surface, allowing it to dwell and remove loose dirt not removed by the rinse. Leave the foam on the surface for 30-60 seconds. Do not allow it to dry. Rinse thoroughly, spending additional time on areas that collect dirt faster. These areas include: lower body panels, front bumper, and rear bumper. This step is critical to minimize the possibility of swirl marks.

3. During this step, you will ensure your two buckets are filled with a healthy mix of soap and water. Use your foam cannon to again lay a blanket of soap on your vehicle. This adds extra lubrication for your wash. Working from top panel, using bucket #1, proceed to wash the the vehicle with your microfiber towel. You will use light pressure. Avoid using a scrubbing pattern. Circular motions are best, using only the weight of the microfibre. After each panel or when you notice dirt building up, dip the towel into your secondary bucket to flush. Use your second microfiber towel for the bottom sections , and bumpers. It is important to work the same surface types first. For example, clean all painted panels, then proceed to clean glass, ending off with mental surfaces such as wheels and exhaust tips. This minimizes the chances for cross contamination. Rinse panels thoroughly.

4. In this final step, you will dry your vehicle. Taking care in this step is equally as important as step 3, as swirl marks can be installed from improper drying. Using another new microfiber towel, begin to dry the vehicle from top to bottom, folding the towel between panels, or as it gets dirty. It is crucial to work from top sections downward, in order to prevent cross contamination. If your microfiber becomes soiled, use a new one. Leave bottom sections and bumpers for last. Work in a modular fashion, drying windows, and wheels separately.

5. Note that this step is optional, though highly recommended. Now that your paint is sufficiently cleaned and dried, you may apply a spray detailer of your choosing. Using a spray detailer between washes helps prevent dirt from bonding to your surface. It also enhances gloss, and adds protection. Working in the shade, mist a spray detailer of your choosing onto the panel. Lightly wipe the product off. Perform this same procedure on each panel.


Q: What services do you provide?

A: Toronto Buffing Inc. is an automotive company specializing in exterior detailing including buffing, polishing, paint correction, scratch repair, and headlight restoration.

Swirl Marks?

Lease Return?

Keyed car?

Dull Paint?

Poor Detailing Job?

Wear and tear?

Protecting your investment?

Let us be the only detailing service you will ever need. Contact us today.

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