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Wetsanding,or watersanding is used to remove heavy defects. It is the most aggressive form of paint correction.  Watersanding can be used to remove heavy defects such as orange peel, paint texture, deep scratches, paint etching, and more. Below is an example of a complete watersand we performed. This vehicle is a 1981 Puma, built from scratch from one dedicated customer. He had the vehicle professional repainted BMW Fire Orange, with a very high quality paint to add. He aimed at removing texture that formed from the normal shrinking from paint curing. Though mild in appearance, texture can be difficult and time consuming to repair on vehicles painted with high quality (high solid) clear coat. The route we decided to go with was a 3000 Grit Wetsand, followed by a 3-Stage Heavy Cut + Polish. Estimated turn around was 5 business days.